My Clients


I’ve an experience of over 5 years in Digital Marketing and WordPress

SerpMinds Logo



Founded SerpMinds, a on place for all the service Digital Marketing Agency with and experience of creating more than 50 websites and ranking 100s of websites.

Redirekt Media

Junior SEO Executive

SEO/Wordpress/Digital Marketing

Worked as Junior SEO Specialist in Redirekt Media Company. I have ranked many APK blogs and Tech niche websites under the guidance of Mr. Vinay Katiyar.,, etc

Freelancer at Upwork

Top Rated on Upwork

Started working as a freelance SEO Expert and digital marketeer since 2019. Also took up several WordPress website design projects which includes,, etc

Personal Blog

Founded my first website StuffRoots, a tech niche based blogging website which writes about the Windows, Android, Best, How to and Fix types of article.

All time high Alexa India rank: 30,000


Below is a summary of my past academic qualifications

SEO Expert

Google My Business and Ads

Learning new aspects and strategies of SEO. Local SEO, Business Listing and Google My Business is all the things around me now adays.

B. Com (Hons)


Started my college life with open college. I wasn’t much into studies and all so I choose Open Learning School as my college.


Google and Coursera

Completed various Digital Marketing Certifications including Digital Marketing Fundamentals by Google, Bing Ads Accredited Professional, etc


Police Modern School

Completed my school life from PMS. Was an average student out there. Scored 6.7 CGPA in 12th.


I’ve a long-standing career in WordPress development. Some of my recent projects are listed here

TheeSatisfaction Mic Review Blog

Customized MyThemeShop’s Reader theme as per client’s taste.

RDPByGrowSum ecommerce Website

Built an Ecommerce website for GrowSum to sell Remote Desktops.

BtechCollege Educational Directory

Built a listing directory to show engineering colleges in India.

PPTVBA Templates Marketplace

Added WooCommerce functionality to the blog for selling templates.

OneGyan School listing Directory

Built a School Listing Directory and ERP Solution for Schools.

VisaCent Visa Processing Agency

Planned Content Calender and Marketing Strategy for VisaCent.


Professional Skills

Highly skilled SEO Consultant and WordPress designer

Search Engine Optimization
Media Buying
Content Writing
Influencer Marketing